Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance can be a difficult topic for some to process. It accepts a fact of life that can be very painful. However, taking the approach of “out of sight, out of mind” can cause unnecessary – and extra – hurt to your family. You will be shifting the responsibility of your estate to them. It’s an investment of your emotions right now – facing a thought that is difficult – which will ensure that you know exactly what position your estate is in and where it will end up once you pass. There is great comfort in this.

In our current times, as house prices continue to rise, but the threshold for paying Inheritance Tax remains the same – £325,000 – more and more grieving family members are having to pay more and more tax on the estates’ of recently-passed loved ones. This doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon. Inheritance Tax Planning, then, is becoming an essential service for many, many Brits up and down the country.

Without the right estate planning, HMRC, rather than your family, could become the largest beneficiary of your estate. Professional estate planning helps ensure your family inherit as much of your wealth as possible.

Families going through an already tough time may have to endure conversations about your estate with HMRC without your presence, making it a tougher time than it already is. We typically use a combination of strategies to give you peace of mind that your family are provided for when you are no longer here.

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We Help You:

• Ensure your wills are correctly drafted
• Get the best life insurance policy
• Restructure how you take an income to minimise your inheritance tax liability
• Gift during your lifetime
• Create a trust plan

A Trustful Handover

We understand that things change. Who you were is not necessarily who you are. Part of our promise at Perennial Wealth is that we will be with you throughout your journey to achieving your financial goals. Our initial plans are not set in concrete. They will be flexible, always having an eye toward how best to evolve, progress – just as you do, personally. We can re-direct some of our efforts to emphasise different solutions and plans within the overall strategy, so we can give you the best advice when, for instance, you’re gifting to a loved one based on a newly arisen circumstance.

Part of our long-term commitment, also, is that we will be able to deliver your wishes to your beneficiaries in a personal way because we know you and, hopefully, will get to know them. Stability and continuity are the highest values we ascribe to at Perennial Wealth. This handover is built on trust, which is especially valuable during a difficult time. You’ve spent time and energy securing the future of the next generation of loved ones, and you will want to know that you can trust those who are handing over your estate.

Please note: tax planning is not regulated by the FCA

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“Dale was able to look in detail, at the range of options, and advised on a time scale for implementing some of the options; even sending me a link to check out my State pension. Certainly, I will be recommending Dale to friends and colleagues” Amanda Adams September 2021

“Dale made us both comfortable when he discussed the various financial planning for our Savings & Pension monies. We have contacted Dale for further financial advice since then as we both felt Dale would explain parts of our policy that needed addressing going forward, with no obligation Dale rested our fears & this made our next step easier to plan” Robert F September 2021

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